Achieving Agelessness

I met Ilene Cummings 15 years ago at a wellness symposium in New Orleans. She was 64 then, with the energy of an 18-year old, and today she shows no signs of slowing down. Cummings’ home is in San Francisco, but she travels the world as a human development consultant, a retreat leader and public speaker. Read More


Find A Beautician That Fits

We can and should expect our beauticians not only to know about products and techniques, but also to teach us how to use them. The successful stylist doesn’t just keep their clients reliant, but empowers the client to use products and practice techniques successfully at home. This is more than just cutting hair and applying makeup. Read More



It’s never too late to improve the quality of your life, regardless of your current situation. Get your health on the right track--and keep it there. Read More


7 Creative Ways to Give

Years ago, people would take scraps of something they already had and rework it into something different to give as a gift. Then, a few scraps of fabric could be weaved into a fancy braided rug or a pillow. A homemade card would be garnished with ribbons, lace, paper flowers or a photograph. Read More






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